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Trerus was born out of the idea that centuries of tradition have a place in a modern world. It is our belief that what has been taking place in the Ciociaria area of Italy is an art form that is constantly being perfected by the craftsmen and women that create it.

With this in mind Trerus seeks to bring the very best of handmade textile products and organic foods to a wider market. In other words, what for the locals is a part of their everyday life is for the first time being made available to everybody, anywhere in the world.

This website has therefore been developed to offer not only to sell precious and rare local products, but to promote the work of ndependent craftsmen from Ciociaria. Additionally, Trerus aims at publicising the area and promote the local craftsmanship that has always been for centuries an integral part of the areas way of life.

Hope you will enjoy!


Trerus is the Latin name of a small river that crosses the many towns and villages that make up the Ciociaria area of south-central Italy.

Since before roman times, the arts and crafts of this area have been sought after for their craftsmanship.


Located in the centre of the Apennine Mountains, the symbol of Ciociaria is a copper amphora called ‘CONCA’ used in the old times
to carry water. 

Alongside, copper and iron works, textile and jewellery creations have also been a central part of the area’s economic and artistic life.








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